Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Scandal hits the Catholic Church

We are all aware of the Catholic Sex Scandal that took place throughout the country. However, it was largely concentrated on the West Coast, with the largest of them- the Los Angeles Diocese- at its focus. The molestation of young boys had been happening for decades, yet these stories did not actually surface until just a few years ago. How these occurances have been allowed to go on for so long is as much as mystery as why the leaders of the Catholic Church have been covering up for these predators.

According to an LA Times article, in 2003 approximately 800 claims were filed over a one year period that was opened to people who wanted to come forth about being sexually abused by a priest. The number is so staggering because people didn't feel that if they had come forth about it before, no one would have believed them. However, once they heard about these cases years later, they felt that it was time.

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