Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mystical Masses

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post have researched why there is growing popularity of the Tridentine Mass in the Catholic world. Federal government worker Ken Wolfe attends Latin masses 4 times a week, and he reported that this specific mass is different from the usual- "it's a very serious liturgy. Apparently these were the types of masses that went on before for 1,500 years before Vatican II- in a world different from ours today. Priests find this revival of the Tridentine Mass a very significant endeavor for them and, according to some, should be focusing on more important things like the fact that fewer and fewer Catholics are going to confession today?

In my opinion, it's matters like these that should be the priority of these spiritual leaders instead of trying to revive an ancient liturgy. I'm sure it's exciting to do because it's different from the norm of every Sunday, but we shouldn't lose sight of the important things that affect our daily lives like confession.

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