Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mitt Romney & Presidency

Mitt Romney's run for Presidency looks to be successful from afar. However, when examining the logistics and various elements behind electing someone, we have come to learn that religion is a major part of each candidate's personality and a lot of times, it is what gets them elected. However, with his religious beliefs in Mormonism, Mitt has found himself in some sort of a bind. The majority of Americans do not know very much about this religion, and sometimes view it as a cult. It appears very threatening to them despite the fact that they have the same pro-Christian ideals as Christian's do in America.

Mitt Romney's problem stems from the fact that he has been concealing details about his religion, not wanting to go into detail about it in front of the public. However, the more he hides it, the more curious society will be about it. Yet, if he reveals his religious beliefs, people will no longer be curious, but they will be critical. It doesn't seem as though his campaign has suffered thus far, but we will have to wait to see what is to come.

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