Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Again on Religion

I don't know what's with me today but I feel like babbling once again about Romney and religion. Previously in my blog I mentioned that it doesn't matter what one's belief system is when they're running for President, as long as they believe in something it's OK. Well, I changed my mind after being in lecture more and more and learning about all these things. I mean, seriously, if one has a religion whether or not you feel deeply about it or not, you still believe in something, right? If you are to have a faith, you should support it, especially if you are the President of the United States. People need to feel comfortable about their future leaders and without knowing them inside and out, it is hard to have respect for them.

We've all had experience with our Catholic and Evangelical leaders, but never have we run into a prospective Mormon leader. For this reason we should be especially critical of their beliefs, and if he is having a problem confronting the issue of his religion, I wonder how he will react when there are bigger issues in the world that need to be handled.

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