Monday, November 19, 2007

Evangelicals and 9/11

Most people in the world recognize that the events of September 11, 2001 were acts of a terrorist organization grounded in the Middle East. They know that it was not just a random act of hate, but that these events have happened before towards Americans and citizens of other nations around the world. There is a long history behind the United States' relationship with these organizations and the leaders of their nations, however, there is one interpretation of this event that is particularly outrageous to me.

Several evangelical leaders believe that the blame of 9/11 should be placed on homosexuals, abortionists, feminists, etc. The effect of these groups of people has caused God to lift his veil of protection and has resulted in a strike against America. Normally, I would believe this interpretation to be from someone who is uneducated. However, the scary part is that these people are very much educated, yet they still consider this shocking interpretation as the truth. The ignorance of these people is ridiculous and they should seriously open their eyes and expand their minds to see the truth.

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