Sunday, November 25, 2007

Falwell's File

Jerry Falwell was a popular Evangelical Christian pastor, televangelist, and one of the founders of the Moral Majority- an organization for Christian-oriented political lobbying. He died this passed May at the age of 73 but during those years made a huge impact on the world. He believed that the church was the cornerstone of a good family. His more radical beliefs consisted of staunch opposition to abortion and homosexuality.

The Washington Post published an article last week on Jerry Falwell and a confidential FBI file of his. This file reveals death threats that were brought against Falwell for his radical anti-gay beliefs. An example of these threats is a letter that was received to his television ministry in 1983 which was signed with "Hope you will die soon", accompanied by a box with a scorpion in it. Yikes! The horror of being hated with such a passion is unbearable, but with people as passionate as they are about these issues, Falwell was kind of asking for it.

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