Sunday, December 2, 2007

Polygamy on TV

So apparently HBO has a new drama called Big Love about a polygamist family, however reports it as being opposite of what traditional polygamist families are like- raping children, forcing them into marriage, etc. Rather, it shows them as "upright citizens" who "you'd let watch your children". Is it just me or are writers losing ideas about what kind of TV series to come up with? This is totally random and unnecessary. I'm sure it makes many Mormons uncomfortable, considering they wouldn't want negative publicity with something like this.

What's more surprising is that this series has become a hit according to the New York Sun. The fact that it "normalizes" polygamy is quite a frightening fact. Couldn't they have come up with some other story like? Anything?!


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Leah said...

Did you know that the LDS (Mormon) church and the FLDS (Polygamist) are two completely separate and unrelated sects? Read more at